Are You Suffering With Tech Neck?

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I was reading about so-called Tech Neck this week, a fairly new condition which is getting more and more common as we are increasingly glued to our screens. It got me thinking as to whether I was suffering with it too.

My problem is that I try to take on too much at once. Trying to be as efficient as I can as a busy mum to two, I often find myself multi-tasking. I have often been on the phone holding it between my ear and shoulder, whilst tidying up, making lunch or ironing, whatever needed doing. After visiting my acupuncturist complaining of a sore neck he told me to stop doing that at once. Raising your shoulder to hold your phone against your ear so you can be hands free is so bad for your neck, as you are tensing it up in this position for longer than you think whilst you happily chat away on the phone. So when I catch myself doing it, I stop immediately and try my hardest not to busy myself when on the phone. It also allows me to be more mindful and present in the conversation which is more enjoyable.

The problem is that your head is heavy, weighing between 4.5kg and 5kg. When you tilt your neck to the side or forwards, your neck muscles have to support up to three times the weight of your head.

My Top Tips To Avoid Tech Neck:

  1. If you need to be hands free on the phone then use a hands free kit instead of holding your phone between your shoulder and ear
  2. Don’t bend your neck down to look at your screen. Bring your phone or tablet up to your eye level
  3. Do some neck exercises to release off any tension or pain. I find slowly looking over each shoulder and then looking up to the ceiling and down helps stretch off my neck
  4. Prop up your phone or tablet rather than laying it flat so that you are not straining your neck down
  5. If you are office based, try to take regular breaks away from your screen

I hope with these tips you can avoid unnecessary neck pain and discomfort. Me, as well as following these tips, I am using Deep Heat spray and booking in for a sports massage!