Tips to beat the Sunday Blues

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Tips to beat the Sunday Blues - Good Idea Fairy

Tips to beat the Sunday Blues:

We have all experienced it – that dread about the week ahead that is tied in with a sense of helplessness and depression.

Here are some tips on what you can do about it:

  • Before you leave work on Friday afternoon, do a little preparation for Monday by organizing your schedule and creating a to do list. Knowing your Monday is planned can soften the blow of being thrust back into the working week. Also if it is in your control, try to avoid scheduling Monday morning meetings, which can just add to the sense of dread.
  • Typically we schedule fun things to do on a Saturday leaving chores for a Sunday, which only reinforces the Sunday Blues. So arrange fun things to do on Sunday and run your errands on Saturday when you are naturally in a better mood.
  • Children can dread their Monday morning at school if Sunday night is filled with last minute panic to complete homework. Try scheduling some time in on Saturday and again on Sunday morning to complete it, working around other commitments.


To try and combat it, this is how I spend my Sunday with my husband and kids:

If we are at home, we normally start our Sunday morning by taking the children swimming. A good bit of fun and exercise puts us in a great mood for the day ahead. On our way home we pick up the Sunday Papers and then I get a pot of coffee on as soon as we get home. We have a light lunch and then I prepare our Sunday roast dinner. We have this at 5pm so we can all eat as a family together. This may be the only day we can all eat dinner together so we make it a priority.

All other chores can be left until Monday but one chore we do on Sunday is wash our bed linen. So when we get into bed with the Sunday papers, we have that lovely feeling of fresh bed linen too. For me, this is the perfect recipe for a good nights sleep and a great start to the week ahead.

I really like the proverb – A Sunday well spent brings a week of content

How about you? How do you prepare yourself for the week ahead?

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