Motivation Matters

Do you ever feel like your motivation is at rock bottom? Well you are not alone. Apparently nearly 70% of people say they feel less creative during the winter months, and 50% have reduced energy levels. It makes sense to me. When it’s cold and dark outside I just want to curl up on the…Continue Reading “Motivation Matters”

How To Up Your Iron Intake

I don’t know about you, but at certain times of the month, my energy levels aren’t as high as usual and I notice an increase in my appetite. This might have something to do with my iron levels.  Did you know that women need 14.8 milligrams of iron every day? We need to watch our…Continue Reading “How To Up Your Iron Intake”

Top Tips for Meditation

Happy New Year dear readers! With the start of the new year, have you been thinking about starting something new? Personally, I have been thinking about starting meditation for some time now. With two small children I sometimes struggle to find quiet time just to myself, which is something I think we all need. When I…Continue Reading “Top Tips for Meditation from 3 Experienced Women”

My Top Tips on Moving Home

Apologies dear readers for my lack of posts recently. Since August my family and I have had a lot going on. We have moved house to an area we don’t really know, my husband has started a new job, my eldest son has started a new school and my youngest son has started a new…Continue Reading “Moving Home? Here Are My Top Tips”

14 Things To Throw Away Today

I don’t know about you but I have, in the past, been called a hoarder. It is easy to accumulate things over time but the hard part is throwing things away. It just seems so final. I previously wrote about how clutter is not good for our stress levels (Reduce the Clutter, Reduce Your Stress)…Continue Reading “Decluttering? 14 Things To Throw Away Today”

The Power Of Feeling Youthful

I read with interest that there is some recent research which found that people who don’t feel their actual age have a lower risk of death than those who feel older. The study showed that feeling youthful reduced cardiovascular risk. In the study, 6,500 people aged 52 and over were asked to rate their youthfulness….Continue Reading “The Power of Feeling Youthful”

Pink Parcel Subscription Boxes

For all you ladies out there who dread that time of the month, you might like to check out Pink Parcel. This is a subscription service for your period. This UK-based business delivers a beauty box every month containing a variety of feminine hygiene products, along with some beauty and lifestyle treats. All designed to brighten…Continue Reading “Pink Parcel Subscription Boxes”

The 5 Love Languages

One of my best friends has recently introduced me to The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. I found the concept totally fascinating. The idea is that there are five ways in which people speak and understand emotional love, and everyone has a primary and a secondary love language. Learning more about the languages will…Continue Reading “The 5 Love Languages”

My Experience of acupuncture

After my Shiatsu massage treatment (which you can read about here) to help me with my bad neck and my digestive issues, my practitioner Lior Levy suggested I come back to see him ten days later for a session of acupuncture. This is the healing practice of inserting very fine sterile needles into specific points,…Continue Reading “My Experience of Acupuncture”