Pink Parcel Subscription Boxes

For all you ladies out there who dread that time of the month, you might like to check out Pink Parcel. This is a¬†subscription service for your period. This UK-based business delivers a beauty box every month containing a variety of feminine hygiene products, along with some beauty and lifestyle treats. All designed to brighten…Continue Reading “Pink Parcel Subscription Boxes”

My Experience of life coaching - Session 9

We started Session 9 of our life coaching with Deborah Chalk by having a general chat about how we are feeling and what had happened over the previous week. Each member of the group took it in turns to discuss our thoughts and feelings. Deborah asked us to think about who we are without those…Continue Reading “My Experience of Having Life Coaching – Session 9”

Mindful Eating tips

Have you ever tried mindful eating? Research shows that mindful eating can help people with weight management, and stop people choosing unhealthy processed food. Sounds like there could be something to it. It is about being present while you eat. I think this can be quite tricky as I either eat in company which involves…Continue Reading “Ever Tried Mindful Eating? Check Out These Tips”

Benefits of an attitude of gratitude

I love this quote – “When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening. That’s where your power is.” When people or situations are getting you down, and you feel like nothing is within your control, it can be hard to move on. The key is to…Continue Reading “You can’t change people or situations, only your reaction to them”