Pink Parcel Subscription Boxes

For all you ladies out there who dread that time of the month, you might like to check out Pink Parcel. This is a¬†subscription service for your period. This UK-based business delivers a beauty box every month containing a variety of feminine hygiene products, along with some beauty and lifestyle treats. All designed to brighten…Continue Reading “Pink Parcel Subscription Boxes”

The 5 Love Languages

One of my best friends has recently introduced me to The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. I found the concept totally fascinating. The idea is that there are five ways in which people speak and understand emotional love, and everyone has a primary and a secondary love language. Learning more about the languages will…Continue Reading “The 5 Love Languages”

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Personal mantra print giveaway

We are doing a personal mantra giveaway. Do you have a personal mantra? Saying positive affirmations to yourself can really help motivate, encourage and inspire you to be the best version of you. I wrote an article about this called Say Not I Cannot But I Can. This is my personal mantra. We could all…Continue Reading “Personal Mantra Print Giveaway”

Mindful Eating tips

Have you ever tried mindful eating? Research shows that mindful eating can help people with weight management, and stop people choosing unhealthy processed food. Sounds like there could be something to it. It is about being present while you eat. I think this can be quite tricky as I either eat in company which involves…Continue Reading “Ever Tried Mindful Eating? Check Out These Tips”

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