Pink Parcel Subscription Boxes

For all you ladies out there who dread that time of the month, you might like to check out Pink Parcel. This is a¬†subscription service for your period. This UK-based business delivers a beauty box every month containing a variety of feminine hygiene products, along with some beauty and lifestyle treats. All designed to brighten…Continue Reading “Pink Parcel Subscription Boxes”

My Experience of acupuncture

After my Shiatsu massage treatment (which you can read about here) to help me with my bad neck and my digestive issues, my practitioner Lior Levy suggested I come back to see him ten days later for a session of acupuncture. This is the healing practice of inserting very fine sterile needles into specific points,…Continue Reading “My Experience of Acupuncture”

The rise of the narcissistic screenager

Have you heard about the rise of the narcissistic ‘screenager’? According to Dr Sarah Conrath, Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan’s Research Centre in the States, narcissism is on the rise. For many years, psychologists have been studying narcissism by surveying American college students. Narcissism, defined as extreme selfishness with a grandiose view of…Continue Reading “The Rise Of The Narcissistic ‘Screenager’”

Emma Stone & Her Little Green Monster

I read a fascinating interview with the very talented actress Emma Stone. Who would have thought that the star of the Oscar-winning film La La Land would be a catastrophiser?¬†When you catastrophise you imagine things going wrong or that merely bad situations are totally disastrous. Growing up, Stone was prone to debilitating panic attacks. When…Continue Reading “Emma Stone & Her Little Green Monster”

My Experience of life coaching - Session 10
My Experience of life coaching - Session 9

We started Session 9 of our life coaching with Deborah Chalk by having a general chat about how we are feeling and what had happened over the previous week. Each member of the group took it in turns to discuss our thoughts and feelings. Deborah asked us to think about who we are without those…Continue Reading “My Experience of Having Life Coaching – Session 9”

My Experience of Having Life Coaching - Session 7
My Experience of Having Life Coaching - Session 6

Session 6 of my life coaching experience was a direct coaching session. Our life coach, Deborah Chalk asked us what we would like to be coached on. Nothing immediately sprang to mind so I suggested one of the other ladies in our group go first. As we have developed a strong circle of trust amongst…Continue Reading “My Experience of Having Life Coaching – Session 6”

My Experience of Having Life Coaching - Session 5

We started Session 5 with the prospect that we are half way through our ten week life coaching course with Deborah Chalk. This excited me as we are really getting stuck in to the life coaching tools but saddened me slightly too, as I don’t want it to end! It is brilliant. Deborah is brilliant….Continue Reading “My Experience of Having Life Coaching – Session 5”