Cluttered kitchens may lead women to eat more

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A recent study has discovered a possible link between dirty, cluttered kitchens and women eating more unhealthy snacks. So if you want to lose weight or reduce temptation, get the mop out and clear down the work surfaces.

The Study:

The researchers from Cornell University in the USA studied how many biscuits, carrot sticks and crackers 100 female undergraduates consumed when placed in either tidy or messy kitchens. The women were also asked to write either about situations in which they felt out of control, or situations in which they felt in control.

The Results:

There was no difference in the amount of crackers and carrot sticks eaten, however the women placed in tidy kitchens who recalled a situation where they felt in control, smacked on fewer biscuits than those in the cluttered and chaotic kitchens who had recalled an ‘out of control’ situation. In fact these women consumed an average of 65 less calories.

The researchers believe it shows that the negative mindset and the physical chaos act as a double whammy effect, making the women more vulnerable to unhealthy food choices.

So on a day like today where there seems a fair amount of political uncertainty and we may feel out of control, maybe we need to hide the biscuits and give our kitchen a good clear out! Keeping your kitchen tidy gives you a sense of calm and control. When everything is chaotic, it is too easy to grab a quick sugary snack to make us feel better.

What does you really kitchen look like? Are you a kitchen ‘clutterer’? Please feel free to send me any photos of your kitchens.

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