Decluttering? 14 Things To Throw Away Today

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14 Things To Throw Away Today

I don’t know about you but I have, in the past, been called a hoarder. It is easy to accumulate things over time but the hard part is throwing things away. It just seems so final.

I previously wrote about how clutter is not good for our stress levels (Reduce the Clutter, Reduce Your Stress) or our waistlines (Cluttered Kitchens May Lead More Women To Eat More).

I can certainly see the logic in clearing out items that either serve no purpose to you any longer, or that make you feel bad about yourself. Anyway I came across some advice which I wanted to share with you. Apparently there are 14 things you can throw away today to help you declutter. Seems a good way to start, so here is the list:

Old make-up

I am so guilty of hoarding make-up. I still have an eyeshadow palette from my 21st Birthday! Well it is Dior so I can’t bear to part with it. It seems crazy that make-up has such short shelf lives.

Clothes that do not fit you

Yay, an excuse to go shopping. One item in, one item out. Seems fair.

Old toothbrushes

Apparently you should change your toothbrush every 3 months

I slightly object to chucking these away, as I find an old toothbrush is a handy tool for cleaning hard to reach places so I might just keep one under the sink.

Dirty tea towels

Definitely and done! I am going to buy navy blue ones in future as light coloured ones don’t last ten minutes in my house.

Chipped plates, cups and other crockery

Yes I can see the logic but what if you have a set? I don’t want loads of mismatched crockery. Curse you John Lewis for discontinuing our dinner set which we received as a wedding gift.

Dish cloths

Pardon me? Why would anyone want to keep these?

Broken toys

Yes absolutely if I can distract my children long enough whilst I whisk said broken toy away.

Games that have missing pieces

I hardly get a chance to play board games these days so no worries there.

Broken & outdated electronics

Broken yes! Outdated no! I have a Nintendo DS from 2008 squirreled away upstairs and I am not parting with it.

I nearly cried when my husband said we should get rid of my mini-discs. Do you remember them?


Ones that you don’t use or ones that are dirty.

Well we know that handbags are breeding grounds for bacteria so I think this makes sense.


Yep, never read them. Just make wild guesses as to how things work or get my husband to do it for me. But I can’t part with LEGO instructions, I just can’t get rid of these. Once my boys have finished with their creations, my rather organised self likes re-building them from scratch as designed. I secretly yearn for a job at LEGOLAND.

Odd socks


Smelly old shoes

Definitely. As the only female in our house, the moment shoes start to pong, they are gone. I hate walking into my house thinking it smells.

Old spices

I am pretty sure I have a paprika lurking in the back of my cupboard that remembers my husband and I arriving back from our honeymoon nearly eight years ago. Yep label says JAN 2010. How often can one actually use paprika??

So there you have it, the 14 things to get rid of today. I am not totally sold, how about you? Please share your thoughts below.