Pregnant and can't decide to find out the sex?

Congratulations if you are expecting a baby, it is a wonderful time in any woman’s life. With advances in medical science, we are now in the fortunate position to learn the sex of our baby whilst it is still in the womb. However, this can lead to a difficult decision as to whether you find…Continue Reading “Pregnant? To Find Out The Sex Or Not, That Is The Question”

Ashley Graham, representing curvy girls everywhere

Ashley Graham is the trailblazing model who is representing average sized women everywhere. We can all lack body confidence and so I wanted to write about Ashley Graham who is breaking the mould in the fashion industry, and championing average sized women around the world. As a size 16, she was the first ‘plus-size’ model…Continue Reading “Ashley Graham: Representing Average Size Women Everywhere”

Want to increase your wellbeing? Get active

People with an active lifestyle report having an increased feeling of wellbeing. We know that an active lifestyle is good for our physical health, but according to a survey carried out by YMCA, staying active is one of the secrets to feeling happier. In the YMCA survey, those with an active lifestyle recorded the highest…Continue Reading “Want To Increase Your Wellbeing? Get Active!”

Look Good Feel Better

Look Good Feel Better is the only international cancer support charity providing practical support for women struggling with the visible side effects of their cancer treatment. It is a worldwide charity with a focus on building self esteem, confidence and wellbeing. The charity does this by offering free group and self-help skincare and make-up workshops….Continue Reading “Look Good Feel Better – The Cancer Support Charity”

Mindful Eating tips

Have you ever tried mindful eating? Research shows that mindful eating can help people with weight management, and stop people choosing unhealthy processed food. Sounds like there could be something to it. It is about being present while you eat. I think this can be quite tricky as I either eat in company which involves…Continue Reading “Ever Tried Mindful Eating? Check Out These Tips”

Inspirational toy for girls

Are you looking for an inspirational toy for girls? Frances Cain might be able to help. She too was looking for an inspirational toy for her daughter to love and learn from. Unfortunately the traditional toys geared towards girls, ranging from plastic jewellery and make-up sets, to mini ironing boards and mini kitchens, are not…Continue Reading “An Inspirational Toy For Girls To Love & Learn From”