My Experience of Having Life Coaching - Session 6
My Experience of Having Life Coaching - Session 5
My Experience of Having Life Coaching - Session 4

Session 4 of my Life Coaching Experience ended up being more of a free-flow session. This was because one of the ladies had technical problems and so unfortunately couldn’t join our group session on Skype. It was nonetheless really enlightening. We spoke about our thoughts and feelings from the week and Deborah Chalk, our coach,…Continue Reading “My Experience of Having Life Coaching – Session 4”

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My Experience of Having Life Coaching
My experience of having life coaching
Lady Boss Blogger Interview - Good Idea Fairy

My LadyBossBlogger Interview Eeeek! I am so excited to share my first ever interview with you. I was approached by the fabulous Elaine Rau at LadyBossBlogger. They specialise in interviewing female entrepreneurs from around the world, and she asked me! I am so chuffed! LadyBossBlogger all started when Elaine realised that, throughout her working life,…Continue Reading “My LadyBossBlogger Interview”

A recent study has discovered a possible link between dirty, cluttered kitchens and women eating more unhealthy snacks. So if you want to lose weight or reduce temptation, get the mop out and clear down the work surfaces. The Study: The researchers from Cornell University in the USA studied how many biscuits, carrot sticks and…Continue Reading “Cluttered kitchens may lead women to eat more”

Life Coaching session

I want to tell you about my experience of having life coaching. I was recently presented with the fantastic opportunity to have a series of free group life coaching sessions with a Dr Martha Beck Certified Life Coach. Deborah Chalk is a trained life coach and career coach and was motivated to offer the free sessions…Continue Reading “My Experience Of Having Life Coaching – Session 1”

Mediterranean diet can help beat depression

Further to my article about Happy Foods, I am continuing along that theme. Recent research has shown that a Mediterranean diet can help beat depression. A study showed that it is a more effective treatment for clinical depression than social support. Over a three month period a group of patients who had been diagnosed with clinical depression ate…Continue Reading “Mediterranean Diet Can Help Beat Depression”