Pink Parcel Subscription Boxes

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Pink Parcel Subscription Boxes

For all you ladies out there who dread that time of the month, you might like to check out Pink Parcel. This is a subscription service for your period. This UK-based business delivers a beauty box every month containing a variety of feminine hygiene products, along with some beauty and lifestyle treats. All designed to brighten up those days of the month. The treats include tea, fake tan and anti-ageing moisturiser, and the contents change each month so opening the box gives you a surprise too.

The parcels are dispatched on three separate delivery dates in order to reach you on 10th, 20th and 28th of each month. So you can choose the date that is closest to the start of your cycle. You can also give the boxes as a gift.

Plus there is Teen Parcel which is geared towards girls aged 11-15 and includes charm bracelets and sweets. I wonder if these boxes might make it all the more bearable for a young girl starting her period, as it can be an overwhelming and confusing time.

Yesterday I shared an article from Scary Mommy on my Facebook page about a teacher helping a young girl who had started her first period at school and was scared as she didn’t know what it was. I personally think this is irresponsible parenting. I cannot understand why parents are not preparing their daughters for this big change to their body, or indeed explaining it to their sons. I certainly will be sitting down with my sons when they are a bit bigger to educate them on this.

Parents, please explain periods to your girls to stop them feeling scared about this natural change. Also please stock up on sanitary supplies so she can help herself whenever she needs to. Maybe order one of these boxes together?

Anything that can make this time easier has to be good, so I wanted to share this with you.

Pink Parcel Subscription Boxes

I previously wrote an article about organic feminine hygiene products. For now and unfortunately, Pink Parcel seem to only supply the typical familiar brands we all know. Maybe in time they will look at organic options?

What do you think? Would you subscribe to this service? Please comment below.

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