Top Tips for Meditation from 3 Experienced Women

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Top Tips for Meditation

Happy New Year dear readers! With the start of the new year, have you been thinking about starting something new? Personally, I have been thinking about starting meditation for some time now. With two small children I sometimes struggle to find quiet time just to myself, which is something I think we all need. When I do have a moment to myself, I feel like I have an endless list of tasks to complete, so meditation falls to the bottom of the list. So I decided to speak to three women in my life who are extremely experienced in this area who could give some top tips on getting started.

Top Tips for Meditation from 3 Experienced Women:

Aimee Leigh

Aimee is a trained yoga teacher, mindfulness therapist and practising Buddhist, so I thought she would be the perfect person to ask for some tips on meditation for beginners. For more info check out her website

Aimee’s top meditation tips:
1) Find a meditation teacher. Look for a course, a class or even better a retreat if you can. This is because emotional things can unfold during meditation and you will need your teacher to help you explore these and deal with them. Your teacher will also help you grasp the concept of mindfulness.
2) Do your research. Look on the Internet, read books and talk to others who practise meditation. Try to find out as much about the type of meditation you want to do.
3) Dedicate time daily to your meditation. Aimee meditates twice a day. She gets up at 5am to dedicate time to her mindfulness, which she believes sets her up for a good day. She also ensure she has reflective time towards the end of the day, be that reflective awareness, sitting breath or journaling.
4) Just start, whether it is two minutes a day, it is a start. It may not come naturally at first but it is called a practice for a reason.
5) You could try downloading an app such as Headspace.

Cecilia Murphy-Roads

Cecilia is a whole living expert, certified childbirth educator, coach and founder of Body + Belief. She has been focused on health, wellness and the connection between mind and body for more years than she would care to count. Body + Belief was born to simplify and speed up a woman’s journey to being the healthiest, happiest, most gorgeous version of herself. For more info check out her website

Cecilia’s top meditation tips:
1) Meditation is a practice therefore it needs practise. The more you practise the easier it will be to go to those moments of calm.
2) There is no right and wrong to meditation. Do what feels right for you.
3) Create a quiet place of calm to meditate, somewhere you can go back to regularly – like a favourite armchair in a secluded spot in your home.
4) Look around, read up and ask about to find the right type of meditation practice for you. Cecilia found Transcendental Meditation was what most appealed to her, and trained with The Meditation Trust.
5) If you find it difficult to focus at times, try lighting a candle and concentrate on the flame whilst focusing on your breath.
6) As a start you could try a ‘Meaning to Pause’ bracelet. The timer reminds you to reframe your thoughts in order to achieve greater mindfulness wherever you are. Check out


Ewa Kolodziejska

Ewa is an international acting coach and has a deep interest in the psychology behind acting. Her driving force is showing her clients that self-belief is the key to success. For more info check out her website at

Ewa has been practicing meditation for 15 years having been introduced to Kabbalah and Guided Meditation. She had lots of different teachers, did lots of research and then had a light-bulb moment, which led her to develop her own mind theory entitled ‘Own Your Shit’.

Her theory is closely based on the Law of Attraction, which is the belief that ‘like energy attracts like energy’. So if you focus on positive thoughts it brings more positivity into your life.

Her mind theory is based on two circles:

The 1st Circle is all about you, your attention to self and your own wellbeing.

The 2nd Circle is an awareness of everything outside of you.

Both circles have to be in perfect harmony. Things can manifest themselves in the 2nd circle if the 1st circle is neglected. So the key is if you are ok, then everything else is ok.

Ewa believes meditation gives you the ability to unlock things within you. “It gives you a deeper peace; it unlocks your power and produces better sleep. Mindfulness allows you to live in the present where you will be most happy. Living in the past can make you depressed, and looking to the future can make you anxious.”

Ewa’s top meditation tips:
1) Be true to yourself
2) Do your research
3) Follow your bliss
4) Try meditating in a group
“Each person generates their own positive energy and that is elevated and increased when meditating in a group. It feels quite tribal as you all have the same purpose.”
5) Find a mantra that works for you. Ewa believes these can trick your mind into feeling good. She often uses the following mantras:
· “I intend to feel good”
· “All is well, from this moment only good can come”

Ewa has developed her meditation practice to the stage where she can enjoy an activity such as swimming in a meditative state.

I personally think this is incredible and I am rather envious!

Do you meditate? What would be your top tips? Please share below.